Our Philosophy

Over the past years the buzzwords of the education world have shifted from the old world concept of a static Internet, to the new world concept of a dynamic Intranet.  An Intranet is more than just an internal wired network.  It is more than just a collection of web pages linked together by the savvy skills of a web master.  We believe that the future is about organic, dynamic knowledge environments that empower people to manage information and communication.  An Intranet solution should be a structure that grows according to the needs and aspirations of the people it serves.

Knowledge management is not just information storage. It is about information collaboration, publication and information flow.  Today’s teacher is a 21st century knowledge worker whose goal is to create, share, analyse and use Information.  One goal of a knowledge management system is to empower people to share information anytime, anywhere, thus enabling people to work together to achieve results.  EWS Intranet solution is a system that mandates people within the organisation as its future developers.  The organisation itself will develop and run the entire structure.  It will thus have a sense of ownership and identity.