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Key Features of EWS v8

  • Dynamic School Intranet Portal
  • Automatic data integration
  • Attendance
  • Assessment, Rubrics
  • IB Rubrics
  • Curriculum mapping
  • Messaging (SMS, Email)
  • Letter generation tools based on MS Word templates
  • ‘Word Press’ like blogging tools
  • WebDAV integration with mobile devices
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Student Management
  • Student Learning
  • Sign In-Out application
  • Windows and SMS solutions
  • Parent Portal
  • On-line Excursion and Forms approval and generation
  • On-line Attendance approval
  • Viewing of Assessment results and Homework
  • Recording Homework completion

Why Choose Us?

  • Build YOUR Portal the way YOU want!

    EWS v8 is a dynamic and completely customizable Intranet Portal with security role structure that applies across pages and modules. Each module is a reusable piece of functionality with its own settings and features.

  • Data Integration

    EWS v8 integrates with all major School Management systems and Timetabling packages

  • Secure Access

    EWS v8 allows for secure access anywhere, anytime with seamless authentication integration

  • Easily Customisable

    Highly customisable skins, settings and functionality based on user need

  • Responsive Layout

    EWS v8 is designed to run across multiple platforms and devices including tablets and smartphones.

  • Affordable

    Efficiency and great work practices allow us to keep the Portal affordable to suit any school size

  • Excellent Customer Service

    Ongoing technical support, software updates and customer training

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